The Manly Section

One thing that has evolved in my store over the last year is our new section, appropriately titled The Manly Section.  This is my 4th location in 16 years of retail, and for the first time, I have men tell me how much they enjoy coming to the store.  In the past, they have perhaps […]

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Quote Jewelry

I started with the old Polish proverb stamped in a whimsical font on my bracelet – “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”  Sometimes that is perfect – I have enough drama, thank you, don’t need any more, back away.  So I can make a quote for you on your bracelet if that’s the fit for you.  But the […]

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Soon to be “Trending Now”

go dawgs ring 1

        Put a new spin on your game! For 12 years, I have had a collegiate business.  Ann Peden Jewelry has held licenses to produce trademarked jewelry, at times for 55+ universities, celebrating a long standing tradition of the love of college sports.  We have designed and manufactured earrings, charms, necklaces, charm […]

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Bloggers Paralysis

art quote

“Bloggers paralysis” – Sometimes I get completely paralyzed by feeling like I need to make the blog posts incredibly profound, deep, life-changing and meaningful….and then I stare at the blank screen for awhile, and write absolutely nothing! I enjoy putting an art quote on our store blackboard.  Really, these quotes say it all in just a […]

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The Journey to Coins

april 9th penny set

If you have been in the store, you have seen the many ordinary items I like to turn into jewelry.  I love the surprise factor of turning over a pendant – wow!  it’s a domino!  This started with bottlecaps….I made initial bottlecaps, bottlecaps with charms in them, bottlecaps without charms in them, bottlecaps with collegiate […]

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The Art Festival without the Sun, Rain, Wind, Fireants, or the Stroller running over your feet! What is the Artist Marketplace?  Almost a year ago, I was speaking with my landlord about an empty storefront in the shopping center – had anyone shown interest in renting it?  Oh yes, she said, people come in all […]

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