Birthday Party Information


We have enjoyed hosting jewelry parties to celebrate children’s birthdays for over 14 years!  And now we have added new choices for birthday parties!  To book your party, please contact us at the store for available dates (706-769-2656 or email us at  A deposit of $25 is required to book your party with us.  Please note that we have moved our party location to our new store called “Spark” – an entire space dedicated to our classes & parties!  Able to seat 50+, our new upgraded location is the perfect set up for your child’s party!  Coming in February – we will also be able to do Clay birthday parties!

Our birthday party is perfect for girls age 5-18, but it is also the perfect party for ANY occasion – we have hosted bridesmaid’s, girl’s night out, teachers, sorority alumni get togethers, BFF get togethers, Girl Scouts (inquire about meeting the requirements for jewelry making badges), and have even taken the party to local Assisted Living facilities on several occasions.  Our painting party (wooden cut outs) is also great for boys.

We offer three different Party Packages – Jewelry Making, Painting (canvas) and Painting (wooden cut-outs).

Jewelry Making Party, $16/person – includes:

*A hands-on Jewelry presentation, interesting and informative about the history of jewelry, fun facts about gemstones, pearls, etc.  We encourage creativity and self expression through the joy of making something unique and special!

*We provide all the instruction and materials to make both a necklace & a bracelet (age appropriate).  Every girl chooses a charm for her necklace & alphabet letters for her bracelet.  We even have a mini fashion show to highlight the beautiful creations made during the party!

*Then we open gifts, take photographs, and wrap up a wonderful party that will be remembered as a special birthday celebration.  Plus the girl’s will all have jewelry to take with them after the party that will be enjoyed and be a special memory of their friend’s birthday.

We request that a parent or adult stay with any child under the age of 6 to assist them with their jewelry making.

*Party package is minimum of 8 guests (including guest of honor) and maximum of 20 guests.  We can accommodate more than 20 guests, but we need to know in advance so we can properly plan for a larger group.  We ask that you let us know two days before the party what the party RSVP number looks like so we can plan and prepare – we are always prepared for more guests than you anticipate just in case : )

*Parents are welcome to stay for the party and shop our Artist Marketplace!

Party Cost – $16 per guest ($25 deposit required to book the party, subtracted at the end of the party from the total), add an extra $25 to include the cake, drinks, candles, and all the paper goods (our goal is for mom to come and have a good time – everything is taken care of!).

We have several different jewelry projects available to choose from for the party (the basic necklace & bracelet set, making paper beads, bead weaving or a specific kind of necklace, i.e. pearl) – if you would like to meet with Ann to discuss different party projects, just ask and we will be glad to set up a time.

New for 2017!  We now offer a Painting Party – Painting Wooden Cut-outs, $18/child

*We provide a selection of 12 different wooden cut outs to choose from (crown, mermaid, football helmet, scalloped sign, superhero shield, snowflake, spider, owl, megaphone, snowglobe or gumball machine, quote bubble and heart of Georgia map) – the birthday girl can either choose one cut out that everyone paints, or everyone can choose their own design.

*Like the jewelry making party, add $25 to include the cake/candles/drinks & papergoods.

We also offer a Painting Party (canvas) – Painting on canvas, $18/child (8 child minimum or $144 minimum).  Your child will choose the theme of the canvas & can decide if she wants the canvases predrawn or we draw it together at the party.  Taught by Valerie Johnson


Favors – We offer two different options for favors, either $3/child or $5/child — a great easy way to create a favor that the guests will love!

*OPTION #1 – Personalized Girl’s name wrap bracelets – $3 each if ordered with the birthday package (they sell for $5 in our retail store).  We need the name list one week before the party, comes in an organza gift bag.  Fits all, very sturdy for little hands, and every little girl is delighted to have her name!  If you would prefer any other wording (i.e. Friends, Believe, etc.), we can also make these with your wording.









*OPTION #2 – Handstamped charm, comes on an 18 inch stainless steel chain (charm is non tarnish aluminum, chain is non tarnish stainless steel).  Can be personalized with the guest’s names, or any other one-word lettering (i.e. Friends, Believe, BFF, etc.).  We need the wording one week before the party, comes in an organza gift bag.  $5 for both the charm & chain if ordered with the birthday package (charms are $5 and chains are $3 in our retail store)









We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will celebrate your child’s birthday with us!

Please note that our class schedule is posted on the page “Class Info” and parties can’t be booked during our class sessions.

If you are a girl scout troop, we also can book your jewelry making badge in our classroom – please contact Ann to schedule.